Publications of MCP Group

  • 14 Pages, english (08/2007) with an overview of all processes.

  • Content: MCP/TAFA makes a wide range line of energy-efficient thermal spray coating systems for a wide spectrum of industries. Everything from manually operated units to a totally automatic turnkey systems are furnished. 8 pages, english.

  • Create prototypes in plastic and metal within hours with MCP Vacuum Casting Technologies. Elemente long delivery times for prototypes Reduce development costs Improve quality and output Original published in 2001

  • For years experts have recognized the advantage of metal spraying of moulds with MCP Alloys. Long delivery times for moulds, increasing costs and the necessity to check new plastic products for design materials und function all increase the requirement for metal spray tooling.

  • 4 pages, english and german (02/1989) about the MCP-Vacuum-Casting-System.