About Ron Simmonds

Work Experience

Hall &Brown Tool Co. Ltd Sheffield. England
Time out: Back- packed to Eilat, Israel through North Africa to work at the Timna Copper Mines and on an archeological site.
Travelled back through Eastern Europe to Hamburg to begin work in German hospitals at the same time studying German at college.
Raleigh Cycles, Cycle Design Dept. Nottingham. England
British Consulate General Düsseldorf (translator)
H.J. Peters Import – Export Co, Düsseldorf, Germany (translating and interpreting)
HEK GmbH, Lübeck, Germany, a sister company of Mining and Chemical Products, London, England. Duties, to introduce new and rapid mould making techniques to German manufacturers.

Concurrent directorships:

Director (Prokurist): MCP-HEK GmbH, Lübeck, Germany
Vice President: MCP Systems, Fairfield, CT, USA
Director: MCP Ltd, Stone, England

Responsibilities for MCP Group product decissions

Technical input
worldwide sales and marketing of the following processes :

  • MCP 70 Technology:originally a manual process used practically in all hospitals in Europe and later an automated process for realizing exact radiotherapy shields, driven from patient related CT data.
  • Fusible core technology:developing the use of  low melting metal alloys to produce complex, internally undercut thermoplastic components for increasing efficiency in high performance engine inlet manifolds.
  • Metal spray mould technology: used for producing rapid large moulds for polyurethane, aircraft and automotive composite carbon body parts and more importantly for quick mould making for injection moulded  plastic parts.
  • Vacuum casting: for producing quick, accurate plastic and metal prototypes: up to 98% cost and time saving when utilizing 3-D printed models, initiating a worldwide revolution in creativity and speed in automotive design and development.
  • 2001: Introduction of the first CAD driven, pure metal 3-D printer (SLM) Selective Laser Melting  for high cost and time reductions for producing dental and orthopedic implants and complex industrial parts in stainless steel, titanium, gold and aluminium.
  • Joint patent holder for: “Method and Device for Making Moulds and Tools ( WO/1998/015372)“. For producing quick and accurate Nylon PA 6 parts using silicone rubber moulds.
  • Leading participant in the EU sponsored project “Brite Euram Rapitool BRE20325”. Aims: to utilize 3-D printed Stereolithography models to develop rapid mould production techniques. MCP achieved excellent results among 7 other participants using MCP´s wholly recycle-able low melt alloys to realize 250 polyproplene mouldings in 3 days from a 3-D model.
  • International speakeron 3 D driven rapid product realization, generative and additive manufacturing processes.
  • Organizer, participantat numerous international trade shows and congresses: Kunststoffe Düsseldorf: NPEChicago: Hannover Fair and at Fraunhofer and 3 –D User Group Conferences.
  • For 25 years acontributor of editorials, press reports, press releases to German and English language trade magazines. All publications available on request.

Interviews and publications

test 3039
RP / NGZ : Ron explains to the Düsseldorf local newspaper ( circulation 600.000) reporter the advantages of the vacuum casting process combined with 3-D printing to produce high quality prototype parts , literally within hours.

Industrie Anzeiger ( circulation 35.000 ) trade magazine. In this interview article Ron talks about the different aspects of producing high quality prototype parts for the very demanding automotive industry in Germany.

Maschine und Werkzeug: ( circulation 30.000) trade magazine. Ron explains his company´s completely new and rapid process for producing metal castings through the lost wax process combining 3-D printed models and vacuum casting for producing the required high quality wax models.