1971: The MCP Mould making Package

"From a Pattern to a Moulding in a Day"

Recognising the requirement for quick tooling solutions, MCP introduced a complete low cost package system for producing moulds for:

  • Plastic and Wax Injection
  • Thermoforming
  • Polyurethane –Bumpers and Shoes
  • Hand Lay Up applications
  • Foundry Patterns: Blow moulds

The MCP Metal Spray process is simple, requiring only a model or Pattern – basically of any material. Using the MCP Metal Spray gun, a layer of MCP low melt alloy is applied to the pattern. A thin layer, 1  mm, for low pressure applications and 1 cm for plastic injection tools. The metal sprayed shell is fixed in a steel frame and backed using resin or an MCP alloy. See graphics on specific types of mould making.

The package consists of

  • a MCP Metal Spray gun including a dust extraction unit
  • a melting tank for re-melting and re-cycling the alloy from used moulds and
  • one of the purpose built, easy to operate MCP injection moulding machines with injection capacities ranging from 25 g/ 1oz. to 120 g/ 5 oz.