One Step Ahead

A new Rapid Manufacturing Process for producing protototypes and production parts in Nylon - PA6. All the advantages of MCP Vacuum Casting Technology - only much quicker. Utilise all the time and cost advantages of the MCP Silicone Tooling Technology and Vacuum Casting to produce actual Nylon parts. Quick and accurate mould making with the right silicone for the appropriate job. In many cases, this new MCP Nylon Vacuum Casting Technology will replace the requirement for hard tooling, for producing pre series runs of Nylon parts.

Rapid Manufacturing Process 1
Shows the MCP 4/04 Vacuum Casting Machine with the Nylon Casting Module and Nylon - PA 6 Vacuum Castings for radiator tanks.
Rapid Manufacturing Process 2
Shows a Nylon - PA 6 Vacuum Casting of an electric drill housing.