Prototype parts in 24 hours

Living Hinge

A new material for polypropylene simulation

Filmscharniere mit Vakuumgießverfahren

MCP-HEK has introduced a new vacuum resin, 8040, for vacuum casting, worldwide, the most commonly used process for producing quick, multiple prototypes from generatively produced Rapid Prototyping models. MCP-HEK supplies, alongside its turnkey MCP Vacuum Casting equipment and silicone mould technology, a whole range of over 30 PU based vacuum resins, stretching from ultra-soft, 40 Shore “A” rubber like, to ultra-rigid, high temperature resistant materials, comparable to many engineering plastics. The new addition to the range, 8040, is a near carbon copy of injection moulded thermoplastic polypropylene (PP), with all the thermal and mechanical properties required for the industrial prototyping of PP similar components (see enclosed comparative data sheet). 8040 Vacuum resin fills an important gap in the range of materials since it is particularly suited to producing living hinges when thousands of flexing tests, for example with container caps, need to be carried out to confirm all the demanding functionality, design and marketing requirements. Also important for pre-production decision taking are the subjective touch and feel handling tests.

Prototypes produced from 8040 relay a springy, robust and flexible impression, very similar to injection moulded polypropylene. Only after all prototype testing is completed can the expensive, long lead time, injection tooling for production moulding be ordered for series moulding.

Prototype applications for 8040 include:

  • Automotive bumpers and spoilers
  • Automotive air conditioner housings
  • Cable housings and clips
  • Air ducts
  • Suitcase shells
  • Electrical housings
  • Container caps

Clip Technology

The photo shows: Snap connectors, living hinges and clips are among the type of prototypes which require important, exhaustive functional testing before going into final production in original materials such as polypropylene or polyethylene. With the MCP Vacuum Casting Process, silicone moulds and the first prototype parts can be produced within 24 hours of receiving a model of the part. Models produced by all the generative RP modelling processes can be used. Vacuum castings in 8040 are as exact as injection mouldings and durable, ideal for pre-production testing purposes to achieve functional perfection

Material TypeUnitPolypropylene PP (unfilled)8040 MCP Vacuum Casting Resin
Tensile StrengthMpa15 – 3727
Tensile ModulasMpa500 – 1600942
Izod ImpactKj/m²9 – 2015
Heat Deflection Temperature°C50 – 7065
Densityg/cm³0.894 – 0.9121.01